Today's technology landscape is changing at a pace that is challenging, and in some cases paralyzing, many organizations. The original convergence of voice and data networks is now converging with IT networks and this entity is being revolutionized by wireless networking and a new generation of internet; including cloud offerings. Finding the resource compliment to support this transformation is driving a multitude of managed service offerings, which further complicates and sometimes stifles the organization decision-making process.

clarify | simplicity | de-risk
  • 5 Degrees brings clear options to help organizations address technology opportunities and overcoming challenges.
  • 5 Degrees simplifies your technology situation in terms of business and stakeholder value - providing sustainable enterprise architecture recommendations
  • 5 Degrees specializes in structuring complex relationships and commercial solutions with a focus on intelligent risk transfer

Time is short, budgets are lean but the necessity still exists to deliver proper, cost-effective and value added technology solutions and services to organizations to achive their business goals.

5 Degrees...clarify, simplify, de-risk...the choice is yours.

5 Degrees is a management consulting and advisory service company specializing in advanced information and communication enterprise architecture, commercial and partner management solutions. The company has over twenty-years of related experience in technology, outsourcing, contracting, service delivery, risk transfer and cost optimization. 5 Degrees spans all major verticals including public sector, telecom/technology, healthcare, hospitality, financial, logistics and professional services.