Ottawa Convention Centre – Ottawa, Canada www.ottawaconventioncentre.com
Technology Architect, Advisor, Implementation Co-ordinator
  • Delivered a current and future state assessment for the OCC Redevelopment project stakeholders detailing recommendations, considerations and guidance on the future technology-related services
  • Delivering models to highlight revenue opportunities and projected income from technology services
  • Delivered a comprehensive set of building design requirements necessary to support the future technology infrastructure at the new OCC
  • Reviewed proponents proposals and provided compliancy analysis and support
  • Working with the builder and architect teams to provide innovative space allocation recommendations
  • Providing compliance analysis of the different building progress phases (30%, 50%, 80%, etc…)
  • Responsible for the tendering (qualification and proposal) and contracting of all technology services
  • Liaise between the OCC, General Contractor and outsourced technology partner to ensure building- related technology requirements and technology service requirements are met
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the technology program; including budget management, compliance, commissioning and acceptance
  • Work includes providing enterprise architecture and new service recommendations to meet needs of the business (current and future)
Inter-American Development Bank www.iadb.org / www.idb2011bid.com
Technology Advisor for the Calgary 2011 Conference
  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding for next generation technology services between the IDB and Host Country Secretariat (a Canadian contingent responsible for conference production)
  • Prepare tendering and contracting documentation for the procurement of VoIP and virtualized compute services for the conference (for over 300 IDB staff, media centre, host country and delegate services)
  • Oversee and provide compliance support for the implementation of technology services at the conference facilities (Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and affiliated hotels)
  • Provide production support during the conference
Bruce Telecom www.brucetelecom.com
Technology Advisor
  • Oversee the multi-million dollar procurement of an ultra-broadband, high-speed access network for residential voice, video and data services
  • Prepare a comprehensive RFP for equipment, design and implementation services
  • Guide the selection process for choosing the successful RFP proponent
  • Lead the contracting activities between Bruce Telecom and the successful RFP Proponent
  • Oversee and provide compliance support for the implementation and acceptance of the network
  • Provided significant vendor, risk and budget management support
Bank of Canada – Ottawa, Canada www.bankofcanada.ca
Technology Advisor for the Enhanced Business Continuity Program
  • Provide advice with respect to overall direction, risk management and contract management/performance to the program's stakeholder community
  • Provide advice and assistance to the program management team on proposed implementation approaches and design options, issue and risk identification and management, adherence to scope, quality assurance and quality control approaches, and financial management
  • Act as a sounding board before significant issues/recommendations are presented to the Bank's senior management and/or Board of Directors
Deloitte Canada – Toronto, Canada www.deloitte.ca
Unified Communications Telephony Analyst

Unified Communications Telephony Analyst

  • Analyzed current telephony environment in the context of deploying Unified Communications
  • Contributed to the Unified Communications Total Cost of Ownership study
  • Provided recommendations to significantly reduce telephony spend across 55+ Canadian offices

Telecom Contract Consolidation, Optimization and Negotiation

  • Worked with telecom service delivery partners to restructure and significantly optimize existing fragmented contract and billing arrangements
  • Provided recommendations to structure and implement a corporate chargeback model
  • Provided business rationale to substantiate a PBX network re-architecture that will ultimately simplify service delivery and offer further cost savings opportunities (ROI 85:1)
Royal Ottawa Heath Care Group – Ottawa, Canada www.rohcg.on.ca
CIO Management Consultant
  • Delivered full contract collateral – legal, technical and risk protection, on a compressed schedule, to outsource the following services at the Group (Call Centre Services, IP Telephony and WLAN/LAN Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance Service and Wide-Area
  • Implemented and integrated the outsourced services (listed above) into the IT service and application delivery operations of the Group
  • Managed the relationship and service levels between the Group and the outsourced partner
  • Led service quality, ICT/VoIP network re-architecture and process improvement programs with the technology partners
  • Provided strategic input to evolve the IT infrastructure and staff compliment for enhanced service delivery; included business analysis, technical analysis and planning support of a Novell to Microsoft migration
  • Provided contract analysis and legal support for a misguided cost savings bonus claim by network channel partner