Management and Advisory Services

CIO and ICT; strategic planning, transition services, technology roadmaps,risk
analysis, business analys

Procurement-Based Services

  • Contract Negotiation - Providing 3rd party support to negotiate ICT related contracts
    for products and services
  • Contract Support - Structuring request-for-information/proposal/quotation templates,
    supply agreements, service/support contracts, service level agreements and remedies
    to ensure proper due diligence is given to risk-transfer, quality and quality non-conformance
  • Partner Quality - Establishing the necessary interfaces and feedback mechanisms to
    manage partner quality. Includes measurements focused quality audits based on
    product/service lifecycle - pre-market (requirements, design, verification, etc...)
    and post market readiness.
  • Management - Recommending a reporting infrastructure for organizations to actively
    measure quality performance. Includes, proposing quality evaluation criteria and cost
    models in-line with corporate expectations of a given product/service

Project Management and Recovery

  • Services to maintain project integrity - schedule, cost, quality
  • Innovative reactive methods to get projects back on track

Process Architecture and Simplification

Providing innovative ideas to enhance process effectiveness and drive corrective action
and continuous product/service improvement.

Advanced TL 9000 Business Value & Implementation

Demonstrating how TL 9000 and related advanced measurement techniques can be employed to
choose best in class products/services, elevate the quality levels of existing products/services and
used as a foundation for monetary cost-of-quality management.

Operations System Analysis

Evaluating the management systems (customer service, software design, hardware logistics,
quality/defect management, etc...) and recommend changes to support the capture of necessary
information to enable proper quality-cost intelligence manageme

Quality Coaching

Coach teams accountable for product/service quality innovative methods
to effectively communicate with stakeholder organizations.

Building Infrastructure and Design

  • Base building and infrastructure
  • Building control systems
  • Security
  • Electronic signage and way finding
  • Information and communication technology - phone, internet, wireless, audiovisual
  • Network architecture and design